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About Us

T.B.G. was proudly founded and came into existence in 2017 in Canada. The idea of fried chicken simply came from our kitchen at home through a group experiment and a mouth watering taste was invented. At least once a week, everybody craved that chicken along with later invented side dishes. Soon it became a frequent demand by neighbouring friends and families. Started from mom’s kitchen later expanded into a restaurant. With hand battered and professionally seasoned chicken items such as; bone-in chicken pieces, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken wings and etc. We also have a wide range of authentic Canadian beef burgers. We proudly offer 100% HALAL Homemade Beef Burgers that the community can enjoy without worrying about the purity of the beef as, it is free from preservatives or additives. Every burger comes with or could be customized with good quality toppings and condiments such as; lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, real cheese and the signature T.B.G sauce which has all our customers raving about.

T.B.G Philosophy

We make sure that we have enough to cater all of our customers’ needs throughout the day. We strive for excellence and work hard each day to make T.B.G. greater every day. All of our items are guaranteed 100% HALAL and fresh from our Canadian wholesalers. Every item is seasoned professionally and to perfection and comes out juicy and on point. We take our customers seriously. With our amazing customer service and good hearts, customers never leave unhappy as our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and willingness to improve more and improvise. If you come once, you will come again!





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